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The Mercy’s Success - The other site

The Mercy's itself was founded in 1965 in Medan with the early members of the Erwin Harahap, Rinto Harahap, Rizal Arsyad (Iis Sugianto ex-husband), Reynold Panggabean (Camelia Malik's ex-husband) and Iskandar Rizal led Arsyad. But when there is an invitation to show in Penang, Malaysia in the same year Alexander resigned, because his lectures at the Faculty of Medicine would not allow him to leave college. His position then was replaced by Charles Hutagalung. The players completed after that Mercy's is Erwin Harahap (Guitar Melody), Rinto Harahap (Bass Guitar), Rizal Arsyad (Rhythm Guitar), Reynold Panggabean (drums) and Charles Hutagalung (Keyboard, Organ).

In 1972, The Mercy's move to Jakarta and still perform in some nightclubs, brought the songs they created themselves. Once in Jakarta, before Albert Sumlang (saxophone) joined, then the Mercy's record their first album
REMACO with songs  TIADA LAGI (Charles H.), HIDUPKU SUNYI (Charles.H), BAJU BARU (Charles.H), UNTUKMU ( Charles.H), LOVE (Rinto.H), DI PANTAI (Charles.H), BEBASKANLAH (Charles.H), UNTUKKU (Charles.H), Women (Rinto.H), KURELA DIKAU (Reynold.P) KISAH SEORANG PRAMURIA (Albert Sumlang). This debut album that made a name for the Mercy's with the song TIADA LAGI at the music of Indonesia.

Since then, The Mercy's become an idol group which could become public. The band had become an idol of young people in the 1970s, with long hair, wide pants diujungnya usual "sweep" the road. TIADA LAGI Hit songs become ubiquitous.

When this group decided to enter the world of recording, The Mercy's at that time led by Erwin Harahap, because Rizal Arsyad should continue his schooling in Germany. Recorded 30 albums which have produced the Mercy's start from the album Pop, Kroncong and Spiritual.

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